Horizons 101 partners with Colliers International

Horizons Cebu

Serving real estate properties for more than 20 years, Colliers International is well established in 68 countries including the Philippines with 15,000 trained professionals in property, facility and project management; property sales, leasing and finance; workplace solutions; global corporate solutions; appraisal, valuation and tax consulting; customized research; and thought leadership consulting.

Enlisted as the Best Overall Advisor & Consultant Award in Asia and the Philippines by Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2016, Colliers International-Philippines will be in charge of Horizons 101’s daily operations such as management, supervision, improvement, and upkeep of the project including maintenance, and technical and financial aspects of the building’s operations.

The twin tower residential development will deploy 20 Colliers University-certified management staff for both towers and a remote team handling logistics and security.

Colliers also has its own accredited leasing agents for unit owners who plan on renting out their units.

With the expert construction design of Horizons 101 backed with over 20 years of property management experience by Colliers International, unit owners can expect the value of their properties appreciate over time.

Caryll Arcayan | Cebu Daily News | October 3, 2017


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